Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Happy St. Patrick's Day to You

I looked over our calendar today are did some counting. Here's what I came up with: 14 and 16. In February, Peter and I spent 14 nights sleeping under the same roof. In March, it will be 16. Ouch. No wonder I am feeling like I never see him. This separation is mostly due to his work, with some OT thrown in, and a few trips that we each have taken. Mostly though, I feel like the fire department and I are a divorced couple that have shared custody.

Don't get me wrong, I am usually OK with having some nights alone. I mean, you kind of have to be to be married to a firefighter. Sometimes, I like having the whole bed to myself and watching whatever crap I want to watch on TV. Before we had kids, I enjoyed the occasional evening of eating nothing but cereal for dinner. I am also grateful for the overtime. What a blessing that we have that sort of a chance to make extra money and that Peter is always willing to work it. And it's great that the kids are old enough now that we can each take weekend trips away with our friends and not have it be too big of a deal. But. There comes a point where you look at the calendar and realize you are spending less than half your nights with your husband that it starts to seem like a bit much.

This morning I was in a bit of a funk (see entire previous week) but after Mr. T and I dropped Miss E off at school, we headed up to a friends house to hang out with her and her son and oh, what a difference a simple visit with a friend can make.  We chatted, the boys played, her little boy D showed Mr. T how to pay Kinect for the first time and they spread yarn all over the house to trap either the dog or something else, I'm not sure. It all felt very rejuvenating.

For me, besides the holiday schedule, the loneliness can be the hardest part of this lifestyle. And I am a person who likes to spend a bit of time alone. But some nights, after the kids go to bed, I kind of wish someone was around.

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