Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Note from Miss E

Oh my dear Miss E. Last night she took a flying leap onto her bed which resulted in her knocking her head against the upper wooden bar at the same time that she whacked her shin against the lower wooden bar. Really really hard. Hard enough that when I heard the crash and thump I went running even before the tears started - and that rarely happens anymore. She cried and cried and I was a little concerned over the head bump until she told me her shin hurt worse than her head. She cried some more. She didn't want a band-aid, inexplicably because that would "hurt coming off" and everything including the air that touched her shin hurt. And I have no doubt it did. She will probably have a huge bruise over the next few days.

By this time, it was bedtime. So I gave her some Tylenol, got her tucked in bed and turned out the lights and sat with her for a bit. Still crying. I tried talking to her about what Mr. T and I did that morning and she was still crying. At this point she was just so tired that it was almost like she couldn't turn it off. So I went to get my special stuffed rabbit from my childhood and gave it to her. His name is Wooga and he is our designated "sick friend". My mom had a stuffed bear that she let my sister and I sleep with when we were sick and it always made me feel better. I gave Wooga to Miss E and she immediately cuddled him and went to sleep.

This evening, when I came home from work, she gave me this card that she made in Kindergarten today. It had an envelope and she cut it like a snowflake to make it pretty. The front of it says "To Mommy" and inside "Thank you for helping me last night when I hurt my head and my ankle (she means shin). It really hurt" and then the picture on the bottom is her crying in her bed. Isn't that so sweet? Not that she got hurt of course, but that she would think to make me a card to say thank you. I swear, sometimes she can be the most difficult, stubborn, obstinate and independent kid but at the same time she is the most empathetic, loving, kind, smart and interesting soul. The apple doesn't really fall too far from the tree.

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  1. Poor woober, I hate it when they hurt themselves. Hope she can enjoy the colorful shin as it goes from purple to green to yellow...