Tuesday, March 8, 2011

It's not all Firefighters

You see that guy in the picture? Well, we are looking at his crotch and legs only but it's a guy and guess what - he's not a firefighter! And the kids thought he was awesome! Well, Mr. T thought he was awesome, Miss E thought the dog was awesome because it peed first thing when she met it. Yep, a dog peed and it was the first thing Miss E told me when I asked her how her day was.

Back to that guy, he's actually a police officer and that's his adorable police dog. While I was at work today, Peter took the kids to a fire safety fair (you know, because we can't get enough of that stuff...) and Mr. T wore his turnouts again (making this day 2 with a threat to wear them to school tomorrow). At the fair the kids met this cute little puppy dog, got their faces painted and got to climb out a fake window of the fire safety house. They also brought home fire goody bags because apparently we don't have enough fire coloring books, plastic helmets, tattoos and rulers. A good time was had by all - well, them. I was at work which I'm not sure I would call a "good" time.

Speaking of a good time that doesn't involve fires, I won a prize! A real honest-to-goodness prize from Amazon. Apparently, in December if you ordered a magazine subscription you were entered to win a $1,000 gift card from Amazon. I ordered a magazine subscription for my boss to give to his brother (it's a weird job) and I won! Who knew a subscription to Maxim could reap such bounty? Peter and I have had a ton of fun talking about what we should get with it. We don't really NEED anything but at the same time, if I wasn't careful I could spend it all in a day. So far we have ordered the extra camera battery, some flower decals for Miss E's wall, a car seat for our 2nd car and some sneakers to replace my pair with no rubber on the bottom. Crazy big spenders, I know.  We are talking about eventually maybe getting a Wii for the family and I would like a new camera lens and Peter wants a few recording things but we are unsure of all of that. It's fun to talk about it though. What an unexpected bounty.

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