Monday, March 7, 2011

Last Fire Station Tour

I could also file this post under 'are you kidding me?'.

This morning was the fire station tour for Mr. T. It is Mr. T's last year in preschool and hence, the last fire station tour that Peter will be giving for either of the kid's classes. And it's for Mr. T, who loves firefighters, fire engines, fire trucks, fire stations and rescue crap more than anything in the world. And it's the only tour Peter has done at his home station for the kids. It was a BIG DEAL. So big of a deal, that Peter didn't even come home this morning after his 48, instead he stayed at the station to get everything ready. He really wanted it to be the biggest, baddest fire station tour ever.

As I was getting the kids ready at home and grabbing all my stuff, I had a fleeting thought that MAYBE I should bring our back up camera, the little point and shoot, you know, in case the battery (of which we have only 1) went out on the good camera. But then I figured the battery was probably fine and rushed on to do other things. Fast forward to us arriving at the station, talking to the on-duty crew, getting ready for the tour, I flip on my camera and guess what - battery needs charging. I almost cried. I know it's not that big of a deal, but this is so important to both Peter and Mr. T and I wanted to have pictures of it! I sheepishly tell Peter, he grabs the video camera and shows me how to shoot stills with it and I end up using that.

The pictures were terrible, grainy and yucky but they did capture the moment. This was one of my favorites. Mr. T wore his turnouts all day long but as part of the tour Peter gets dressed in his to show the kids what firefighters look like all dressed up. Mr. T was his little helper, handing him each piece of his uniform, his mask, and his hood. The cutest thing was that they were both so proud of each other! It was just darling.

Despite the debacle of the photography, it was a fantastic morning, and one they both will remember.

And this evening, I ordered a 2nd battery for our camera. Lesson learned.

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