Monday, March 14, 2011

My Little Architects and their Imperfect Mama

Mr. T built this today all by himself. Pretty cool huh? Out of all the toys we have bought our kids (and others have bought them) in the last 6 years this set of Magna-Tiles is in the top 5 in terms of years of use, creativity and popularity in our house. It's key that you get the 100 piece set though, they are more expensive but the smaller sets just don't have enough pieces for the kids to really get into building something with. 

Today is continuing my streak of being off my game and I am not handling things well. No, it has not been pretty around here.

Here's how went: Woke up late, lost my keys, fought with Peter, made a mistake at work, got off at wrong train station on way home.

Here's how I dealt with that all: Drank too much coffee, ate too many mini-Butterfingers (the bowl is right next to my freakin desk!), sent sarcastic and angry texts to my spouse, ordered a pair of ridiculously expensive boots.

Here's what I didn't do: exercise, act like an adult, eat a healthy lunch, focus on work, or drink any water.

I actually told Peter NOT to pick me up from the train station because I was going to walk the 2 miles home, in the rain, because F him. How that is spiting him somehow, I can't really figure out right now but it was. Then I had to call him at the last minute because I got off the train and didn't know WHERE I was and even then I STILL was considering walking home just to spite him (again, WHY exactly that hurts him I'm not sure). Then when I did call him, of course he graciously came and got me right away.

Maturity, thy name is not Sarah.

(Not today at least)

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  1. Oh Sarah, I just hate it when maturity deserts me for the dunes near Joshua Tree Park and leaves me stranded acting like an ass here in the bay area. And my spouse, he too is as gracious as can be when I have been a twit. I have been reading your Scriberson 365 for a month or so and you know--I think that you are harder on yourself than anyone is else on you. It’s my worst thing, for sure, maybe that’s why I think I see it in you. Or maybe I am off base-I have been wrong before !~! Thanks for sharing.