Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Very Sweetest Day

This was Peter's 1 day home this week. Sandwiched in between 48's and scheduled right before he whisks the kids away for spring break he had this one day at home. And it was the nicest day we have all had in awhile.

The kids have been going all Lord-of-the-flies for the last 2 days so, instead of doing a family activity like we normally would have tried to do, I suggested divide and conquer and oh, it worked out perfectly. Peter took Mr. T bike riding to get used to his new training wheels while I cleaned the fridge and Miss E sat in the kitchen writing stories. Then Mr. T came home for rest time and Peter and Miss E left on their bikes, headed for the school playground. She spent all her time showing him the 8 million things that are "forbidden" on the Kindergarten playground and doing them all for "demonstration" purposes.

I ordered my camera lens (price finally dropped!) and Peter got his Ween ticket. It felt a little like someone's birthday.

The sun was shining. It was cold, but the sun was shining. Everyone was in a good mood.

In the late afternoon, we dropped the kids off at my parents (a rare treat during tax season) and Peter and I headed downtown for a walk around and dinner. It was lovely. So so lovely. And to top it off, I got a few things I needed for Spain at a travel store and had lasagna with sun dried tomatoes.

The only thing I didn't do? Take pictures! So, the one above is from my dear husband's camera phone, since he's all fancy and actually has a camera phone.

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  1. Nice to make such happy memories in your hearts 'n your lives! I love it--and you!