Sunday, March 20, 2011

Grilled Cheese Bus

So I've been doing the whole "48" thing for 6 years now. And while I will willingly throw out the first, say, 3 years when I had babies, that still leaves 3 years to figure it out. The one thing I have learned, the one most important thing to passing those 2 days with happiness and sanity is PLANNING. Even if it's jotting out the night before Peter leaves what we are eating for dinner each night or thinking through each day regarding activities and obligations, it counts. Every single time I head into one with no planning it bites me in the butt. But still, it happens. The 48 we just came off of had no planning and the kids fought and I was stressed and annoyed.

Today is the start of another 48 and yes, I have planned. I have activities for each day (especially important since it's spring break), meal ideas, and I know what house cleaning and errands need to get done. As a result, I feel less stressed and the kids feel less stressed.

Our activity today was to head to a children's bookstore and look at books, then we walked down to the Grilled Cheese Bus to have lunch. The kids loved the Grilled Cheese Bus - I mean, there's dance music, you get to eat on a bus (a real old school bus!) and they have grilled cheese (with bacon or about 7 million other things if you so desire). What's not to love?

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