Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Circus!

We took the kids to the circus today -their first time and Peter and I's first time as adults. It was a semi-hokey, old school, cash-only traveling circus. The guy that Mr. T bought his very red slushy from was also the guy who rode the motorcycle in the CAGE OF DEATH (which was kind of awesome by the way). The ringmaster sang. Instead of a net beneath the tightrope walker, there were three huge guys standing there (to break his fall? I don't know). Several of the acts seemed downright dangerous, to the point where I was holding my breath and it was SO MUCH FUN.  Adding to the amusement was that it was in the old Memorial Coliseum in Portland, which is where I saw some very similar circuses when I was a kid. It felt like a little time warp back to my childhood. Except I had to pay this time. And deal with my daughter's grumpy mood (she warmed up about half way through).

Overall, I loved it. And I loved spending the afternoon laughing with my family

(And yes, Mr. T wore his fire costume there)

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  1. What a pleasant day for your family. Cute grin there, mama.