Saturday, April 9, 2011


This morning started off looking like a no good terrible day. Actually, the day started of promising to be great, went to the terrible, and then ended up being good in an entirely different kind of way.

Miss E and I had haircuts scheduled together and she was going to get a feather extension put in her hair (see above). I had intended for us to have a mother/daughter day today. Then Peter ended up getting a shift and something came up at work that had to be taken care of, leaving me with 2 kids to drag on work stuff and Mr. T had to come to the salon with us. OK, no problem, this is not my first day at this, so deep breaths and it all will be fine.

Then the kids woke up grumpy. And I broke my new camera lens. Yes, I really typed that last sentence. It pains me to even write that. My camera was sitting on the desk, I grabbed it (by the body ) to take a picture, the strap caught on the edge of the desk, yanking it out of my hand and slamming it into the ground. I got my new lens last week. You know how many times I've dropped that camera in the 4 years since I've had it? Maybe once. If that. At the same point that this happened, Miss E amped up the whining and Mr. T started throwing a fit about his birthday presents. I excused myself into our bedroom to phone a friend. I'm not kidding, I really did. After a few moment, I came out, explained that I was upset about my camera and calmed everyone down enough to leave the house.

After a few errands we got to the salon where Miss E promptly stated that she did not in fact, want to get her hair cut or have a feather put it. She was pissed because at Starbucks earlier I wouldn't let her have an entire blueberry scone (460 calories, full of trans fat!) and this was how she put it out there. I felt really bad since this was our first appointment with this lady and here I am dragging 2 cranky kids into a salon, one of whom did NOT want to get her hair cut. She was super nice about the entire thing and I just went ahead with my hair cut (thankfully we were the only people in there). I called Miss E over a few times to "see if my hair was short enough" but really just to get her used to being near the chair, talking to the lady, etc. When I was done, she changed her mind (surprise surprise) and got a lovely cut and picked out a pink feather to put in her hair. It looks adorable and she is thrilled with it.

We ran more errands, had my camera looked at, came home and played outside in the sunshine. Mr. T was a trooper, being dragged around all day with really nothing in it for him. Especially sitting in a hair salon for an hour while his mom and sister got their haircut. That's a lot to ask of a 4 year old boy and he did great.

As for my camera lens, I'm trying to just figure out how to fix it and if I can get it done in time for Spain. I am kind of heartbroken about it but also, it's a "thing" and I can't really get too upset about breaking it. It was a complete and total fluke of an accident and I'm glad that I am the one who broke it and not one of the kids or Peter. We'll get it fixed somehow (insert sad face here).

At the end of the day, we all went to bed happy and peaceful. It didn't end up being the lovely girls spa day I had envision but it also didn't end up being terrible in any way. I'm proud that my kids can adapt and be dragged around when need be and feel confident in my abilities to manage the family. And I think Miss E's hair feather is awesome. After Spain I may get one myself -maybe not pink though....

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