Friday, April 8, 2011

Curled up with a Book

Friday friday friday. What a great day. A little sunshine, some time to myself this morning, a lovely day at home with the kiddos, and movie night.

Miss E woke up this morning, moved from her bed to the couch and promptly lay down to read her book. This is happening more and more that she just wants to sit and read, which is great for most of us. Mr. T, however, is not a fan. He almost just can't stand that she is in the same room as him yet doesn't want to play. She will nicely tell him that she is reading and doesn't want to play Batcave, he'll say OK, and then proceed to talk non-stop to her. I know he just doesn't get it yet, and we're trying to gently explain it, but boy is it hard for him. I don't want her to feel like she has to shut herself in her room every single time she wants to read (although she knows that is an option) but sometimes we all just want to be in the same space doing our own thing.

This afternoon it was so nice that Mr. T and I headed outside to do some yard work while she stayed inside to read. That worked out lovely because he could talk to me (about an hour straight) while I was working and she got some quiet time in the house. The sibling relationship is a constantly evolving beast. I inwardly chuckle a bit when a new mom with a month old baby declares how great the big brother or sister gets along and how well they are handling the baby because it's just so constantly evolving. Although I was that mom, 1 month after Mr. T was born saying how great Miss E was getting along with him. Now I know to amend it with a "now" on it. Overall I shoot for sibling harmony about 85% of the time. If I can get that, then that feels like a success.

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  1. Awww, hard being the only one in a fam who cannot read! He will--he will! I'm sooo delighted you all love books 'n words--kinda my life!