Thursday, April 7, 2011

Point Your Toes

At this point in tax season, things seem to level out a bit. Yes, everyone at work is pretty tired and a little grumpy, but my family seems to have adjusted to me working me, and I have adjusted. I missed Miss E's gymnastics show this afternoon and as much as I would have liked to have been there, it's OK that I wasn't. It used to be that I felt guilty for not being at every single thing for them, but then I realized that Peter missed a lot of stuff because of his work and he doesn't go around beating himself up for it. If I miss a few things because of work, well, that's life and thankfully they have Dad who is at everything I miss.

I'm seriously impressed by how far Miss E has come in gymnastics. She is a bundle of muscles and she knows how to control them. Next year I think she'll be ready for a real gym if she still likes it. (Real as in, not a preschool one with a few classes for older kids - not an Olympic training facility)

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  1. What an amazing picture! She's so lithe 'n long 'n graceful---wow! Great shot, mom!