Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mid-way Matinee

This is the halfway point in the kids gym classes and today parents got to come in for the whole class to participate and watch. I missed it due to work (starting to hate tax season...) but Peter got to go.

See the front support that Mr. T is doing? It has taken him all year to get the arm strength and the comfort level to do this. Mostly the comfort part. That teacher (Teacher Angela- we love her!) has been so kind and patient and encouraging with him and just in the last few weeks he is starting to get it. I'm so proud of him! He is really great about allowing himself to be coached through things that are scary for him. It's so amazing to watch them grow.


  1. Very sweet teacher makes all the difference, doesn’t she ?~?

  2. Wow--strong for a little guy~~I'm so proud of him! I'll bet some dear little ones never are able to do that! You guys have always taught your darlin' kiddos to keep on trying and not to give up, so it's fun to see it in practice. Most excellent!