Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hurt Foot

Peter had a thing cut off the bottom of  his foot today that had been bugging him for awhile. This means that he is laid up for a few days though. I stayed home from work today to help keep him resting and take care of the kiddos and to spend a little one on one time with each of them. Miss E and I went out to lunch (Village Inn - it was us and the old folks!) and to the bookstore and when I got home, Mr. T and I baked an apple upside down cake. That kid loves to help me bake. He was so excited. Miss E and I had a chance to chat about school and friends and some things that have been bugging her. I love that she and I are able to do that. I am very aware that my parenting now, is laying the foundation for a future relationship. My hope is that if she is comfortable talking to me about hard topics now, she also will be when she is a teenager. Or, more realistically, if she won't talk to us about how she's feeling at 6, it's not likely that she will at 12 or 16. 

Why am I not as concerned about Mr. T in this respect? Well, for right now, THE KID WILL NOT STOP TALKING.  It's comical in a way, he is so sweet and earnest and excited about everything but sometimes the constant chatter drives us all nuts. He also wears his feelings out in the open. I know if he is sad, hurt, angry, happy, excited or whatever....

They both took their role in "helping me take care of Daddy" very seriously. When I left for lunch with Miss E, I told Mr. T to make sure that Peter didn't get up and as soon as we got back he told me proudly that Peter only got up twice the whole time we were gone. Peter has also been pretty good (so far) about keeping his foot up. Let's just say that it would not have been completely unexpected for him to either over do things and not rest enough OR be kind of cranky and snappy. However, neither of those things happened, which made all of us happier. The kids were happy as clams that they got to lay on the couch with him and play games on the ipod, and I was kind of happy to take the day off of work. 

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