Monday, April 11, 2011

Spraying the Hose and Migraines

Come summer, this is one of Mr. T's favorite activities. You give the kid a hose, and he is happy for hours. Today he was out spraying the rocks, the flower beds and the street (when cars weren't going by). Everything is soaked anyway due to 4 months of pretty much straight rain, but he was determined to "water".

As for me, I had another migraine today. Every month I get migraines for about 4 or 5 days straight. I have meds and if I do everything right, I can manage that time with little medication and very little pain. "Doing everything right" means:

Getting enough sleep but not too much
Not having too much stress
Not letting my body get too hot or too cold
Eating enough "real" food
Not having too much sugar or foods with food coloring
Drink enough water
Don't drink any alcohol
Making sure the top of my head doesn't get too cold.
Not spending too much time in front of the computer
Not taking too much medication
Taking enough ibuprofen and migraine meds at the right time.
Drink the right amount of coffee -not too much, not too little
Don't be exposed to really bright lights or be in the sun too much

See where I'm going with this? I mean I look at that list and think "are you kidding me"? Most months, surprise surprise, I cannot maintain this perfect level of homeostasis and end up taking more medication than I would like. Right now, I'm OK with that. When I am in pain, it's hard to take care of the kids. Especially hard to take care of them for 24 hours straight, let alone 48. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to just have to make it until 5:30 when my husband comes home from work and but I think not much would be different. I still wouldn't want to be sequestered away from my family due to pain. Pain that is treatable. Even if the meds are not the greatest thing for me. Right now the only side affects that I feel is after a few days of medication, mentally, things are slow. Duller. I'm not sleepy or tired, it just seems like my mind is not as quick. Truthfully, the medicine has been a wonderful thing for me, despite it's side effects. It's worth it to not give up whole days of my life to pain, as I was doing before. I hope someday though, that I won't ever have to take it anymore.

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