Saturday, April 16, 2011

Kiss the Stitch

Peter titled this picture -firefighter have a kind of a gross sense of humor. I kind of fell down on the picture taking today, worked all day (on a Saturday!) and got home late.  I snapped a few of Peter watching the soccer game but it was more just to get it done. This was kind of a joke shot. Funny, right? This is what you think of when you think "funny"? A bloody hole in someone's toe? Yeah, me too.

I ended up sending my camera lens back to Canon today. The focus was working very intermittently and I really really really hope that it gets fixed and returned before my trip in May. So far I have been stalking the Canon folks a bit but no word on cost or repair timeline. Maybe if I call them about 20 more times..... just kidding. Kind of.

Sorry about the grossness of this photo. Just scroll down and make it go away.

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