Friday, April 15, 2011

Yep, that's me.

A big old no-make up picture of me with my cleavage blurred out. Mr. T has really been taking to the camera lately and it seems everytime I download pictures, there are about 50 of their toys, Miss E or other random stuff that caught his eye. For this one, we were just being silly together.

This morning, I crashed the car. In a little but annoying way, but still, I crashed the car. Well, more like rolled it into the back of a tow truck because I was talking to Miss E at a stoplight and my foot eased off the brake and then it rolled into the tow truck. Remember how we just got it back from the body shop? Like a few weeks ago after Peter rubbed it on a tree stump? Me too. The worst part is, I am so off my game this week that I didn't even get the other driver's insurance company name or his phone number. Um...yeah. Isn't the first thing you do in a crash after you figure out everyone is ok, is get insurance information?????? What was I thinking? I was kind of thinking that MAYBE if I just pretended it didn't happen, that it would go away. You know, the mature, adult, responsible way of taking care of things.

To further my day, I kept Miss E home from school because she wasn't feeling great. She was OK, just congested and not feeling too good. But, this is my last day to get stuff together that I am going to mail to Spain. The box has to be in the mail Monday and there were a few things I had to get at the mall. So I dragged a sick kid to the mall. Let me repeat that - yes, I dragged a sick kiddo to the mall to help me get ready for my trip. To be fair, I did buy her a scone.

It was kind of like that.

After post - I usually post these in present time, but since it is now Monday, I have to do a little follow up. Miss E didn't come home today with her Friday folder (weekly folder of work) that she missed getting on Friday. I asked her if she wanted me to e-mail the teacher to ask for it to be sent home tomorrow and she said she wanted to do that. I set her up at the computer, told her not to send it before I looked at it and went to help Mr. T with his bath. When I came back, here is what she had written:

"Dear Ms. N, can you pleese put my friday folder in my cuby so i can tacek it home after school toomaro. what did the class do on friday? i was kcoanjgested on friday so in sted of school i went to the mall
it was boring but we went to the coffee shop in the mall.


I am not kidding about that. I laughed out loud, suggested that maybe we shouldn't put the part about going to the mall in there and when she asked "why?" I told her it would be OK and we could send it as is. So we did. Hopefully her teacher will get a laugh from it instead of being annoyed. 

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