Thursday, April 14, 2011

Our Living Room The Jungle Gym

I swear, if this couch makes it through their childhood I'm throwing it a party. Photo credit on this one goes to Mr. T. 

Peter and I have been really busy this week. Incredibly busy, with work and getting ready for trips we are each taking and more work. And it is starting to seem that there are not enough hours in the day. There is not enough time:

To work
To exercise
To spend all the time with the kids that I want
To hang out with my husband
To see my friends
To volunteer
To meal plan
To plan and pack for my trip
To do all the projects around the house that I want to
To take care of the yard
To cook
To take care of the house
To get all the errands done
To read books
To walk the dog
To blog
To write
To craft with the kids
To homeschool with the kids
To take pictures.

I know this is a phase, a season if you will, of life where things are incredibly busy. Someday there will be enough hours, the house will be quiet, and Peter and I will be puttering around each other. We will have time to maintain the house, to craft, to recreate, to read. And the house will be quiet. Which, I think, will feel a bit more lonely than blissful. For now, I am trying to embrace the busyness, not let the kids get lost in the shuffle and enjoy where we are right now. But sometimes, an extra day or a few extra hours would be very welcome. 

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