Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday Monday

Snippets of Monday:

I miss my camera lens.

Miss E and I went to school early to shelve books in the library. It was my day to and even though I had 8 million things at work that need to be done YESTERDAY, we went and shelved books.

My ipod takes shittier pictures than even the bad camera we have.

Miss E looks cute no matter what kind of camera you take her picture with.

Peter came home from his trip a little grumpy. I hate that. You don't get to be gone for a few days and then come home and complain about how it's raining and you're tired and the kids are bugging you. Totally against the rules. Hopefully I will avoid doing that when I get back from Spain.

I'm worried about leaving the kids for 2 weeks. It's a long time.

I'm also getting really excited about the trip.

Excited and worried. That pretty much sums up motherhood as a whole.

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  1. Yes, worry and excited do cover most of the waterfront in our lives, don’t they?