Monday, April 18, 2011

Tax Day. Finally.

Today is the official end of tax season and I dropped Miss E off at school this morning wearing only a sundress and shoes. No sweater, no tights, no undershirt. It was MAYBE 40 degrees out. Maybe.

We actually ended up lucky that she even WENT to school, let alone wearing clothes. She came in at 7 this morning to wake me up and I was tired and cranky and frankly sick of being asked every single morning what we were having for breakfast. So I snapped at her. And I hurt her feelings. And she hid under her covers for the next 45 minutes, despite my apologies, coaxing, rising above it and subtly veiled threats. Eventually she got herself up, put on a sundress and walked out to the car.

As for all the parents giving me looks on the way in because she was so inappropriately dressed for the weather? Well, what can I say? She was. She had a coat in her backpack if that makes it any better. This is kind of what the end of tax season is like - things fall apart a bit.

I say "finally" in the title but really, this is my busiest week of work all year. After the taxes are done and filed, we send our bills out. This is my job. Since we are all leaving for Spain (my mom, my dad and myself - or 2 of the partners and the billing person) at the beginning of May, bills need to go out sometime around, oh, YESTERDAY. And there is a lot of prep work that goes into it. The bottom line is a lot of work for me. A lot of hours and pressure for me. Fortunately, today I was able to come home and make things better with Miss E. And fortunately, Peter and I are helping each other out during this busy time instead of arguing (yeah, that's happened).

Also, I'm stalking Canon about when my lens will be back. 3 phone calls today. Maybe they will just get irritated with me and fix is ASAP. Or get irritated with me and send my lens to the back of the line....maybe I should lay off for the next few days.

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