Tuesday, April 19, 2011

At the Lake

Sorry for the cell phone picture! Peter took the kids to the park today while I was at work. He's so much better about doing stuff like that than I am. When they have a free afternoon with me, we most often play at home, in the yard, run errands or do chores. Peter is much more of a "park on a Tuesday afternoon" sort of Dad. He inspires me to get out more with them as well. This weekend he's going to be gone and I fully intend to hit a few local parks if the weather is nice.

Can I just say that Miss E dresses herself? She has since she was 2 and she has some strong ideas about clothes. You can really tell in Kindergarten which kids dress themselves and which ones are dressed by their parents. Picking her own outfits has resulted in some interesting looks - I kind like to call her style "kindergarten hobo" since she like the multi-layered look - but she has also come up with some really great outfits. I am such a boring dresser myself that I would have her in jeans and a tee-shirt every day. It's just the way I am. Today she wanted to wear capri's but it was too cold. Solution? Wear yoga pants under the capris. Genius.

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