Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Better Day

Today was better. Peter came home, I parent-taught at Mr. T's preschool and didn't feel overwhelmingly tired until about 5. Fell asleep with Mr. T while I was putting him to bed, but then woke up for another few hours so as to be on a more "normal" schedule. Things felt easier with the kids too. Not as frantic (they have to show me everything!) or strange (what did Peter tell Miss E about gymnastics on the couch?). While I was gone, Peter sent me an e-mail every day (including pictures) telling me about what they were doing. This was so nice and really helped me feel on top of jumping right back into parenting. As for the house, the e-mails are slowly getting answered, mail is being opened and I am starting to figure out what we do and don't have in the house.

Most of my time has been spent "reading" each kiddo, especially Miss E, trying to figure out what they need from me and how they are doing. This afternoon I blew it by not picking Miss E up at school. I had told her this morning she only had to stay at after-care until 2, but by the time I got home from Mr. T's class it was 1:30 and I hadn't had lunch. So Peter went to pick her up and bring her home (a 5 minute drive and I was waiting at home) and she was UPSET that it wasn't actually ME at school to get her. Neither he nor I knew this would be such a big deal, she's never really cared which parent picked her up but today, it mattered. She was pissed at me. Stomped to her room and shut the door. I apologized profusely and eventually it was OK. There is bound to be a bit of adjustment period for all of us.

Overall, I have just felt very quiet and very tired, but also normal-ish. That doesn't make much sense but there you have it.


  1. What an enchanting little boy! I know nuthin' about photography, but think this is beautiful---and it's NOT just cuz he's yours... well, maybe a bit of that!

  2. I suspect she will come around in a day or two. Hard to know what they are thinking sometimes. Love her up as often as you can and see if that doesn’t help.