Sunday, May 22, 2011


Today was the ultimate Sunday. No plans, no place to go, the entire family home. We played, did a few jobs and I made a huge pot of chili. I also forgot to take any pictures so here is one of Peter's. He really wants a new bike and wants a nice one. To pay for it, he's craigslisting a bunch of stuff from  around the house that we need to get rid of (yay!). Including the 3 bikes he owns. Already. However, I have been told that the new bike will be the "one bike to rule them all" so there you have it. Never argue with a bike snob. In other news, here's a fun conversation we've been having on a fairly regular basis for the last month or so.

Miss E:  What's for dinner?

Me: Chili and cornbread (or chicken and rice, or BBQ chicken and salad, or tacos or.....)

Miss E: I don't like chili (or other item...)!

Me: I'm sorry babe, that's what we're having.

Miss E: (with downcast eyes and in a very sorrowful voice) I guess I'm not going to eat dinner then.

Me: Sorry to hear that hon. You still need to sit at the table with us as a family.

Miss E: Fine. (Either stomps to room or melts away in a puddle of self-pity)

When dinner time comes around, lately she has been "changing her mind" and eating something. We did have a LONG stretch of her going to bed with no dinner. I feel like it's her choice at this point but I'm really hoping that she never catches on to the fact that the meal I do care about, that I will go to the mats for, is breakfast. So far, she thinks it's dinner and I really want to keep it that way.

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  1. you're a darn good mommy! Kid looks mighty fine 'n healthy to me! :) I always complained about my Maggie that I was sure she was gonna die because she refused to eat --and she didn't. Die, that is! It was a good thing when we finally gave up the food wars--You're doin' great!