Saturday, May 21, 2011


This morning I had to take the kids into work and they were super good sports about it. This afternoon, we played/worked in the yard. Well, I worked, they played. Made hide-outs to be exact. Miss E claimed the space between the deck and the BBQ and Mr. T claimed the space back by our little shed. They both worked very industriously for a few hours creating their hideouts using what ever wood, sticks and extra cement blocks we had laying around the yard. At one point, Miss E grabbed an extra piece of flagstone we have to make a sign for hers and and asked Mr. T if he would like one too. So they now both have entry signs. Miss E's say's "E's Spokey Witch's hid out! Doom!" and the hide out is 2 layered.

Mr. T's says "T's bat cave hid out" and is complete with a control panel and booby traps. Miss E desperately wanted to sleep in hers tonight (you know, on gravel under the BBQ) but I finally convinced her  that she needed a parent to sleep outside with and since Daddy was at work it would have to wait. They settled for eating dinner in their hide-outs while I sat on the deck stairs in between them. The upper level of her hideout (pictured) makes me a bit nervous as the front pieces of wood are held on by masking tape but she worked so hard at it and it's so creative that I just kind of have to hold my breath, hope for the best and let her have it. Someday soon the weather will clear up again and Peter will want his BBQ back. Not today though.

*First few trip posts are up - dated May 3-10

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