Thursday, June 2, 2011

Dads and Daughters

For some reason, they had a special Dad's (or Grandpa, Uncles, brother or other male) event at Kindergarten today. The kids from all three of the classes have been practicing a song with hand motions that they performed together and then they built birdhouses. I was kind of bummed to miss seeing the performance but I know it was special for the Dads. Peter and Ella had a great time putting this bird house together and when she got home she colored it, complete with slogans written all over it like "Welcome Birds!" or "Birds rock!" and my favorite "Go Birds!". I'm going to try to paint a clear coat over it so we can hang it outside.

So begins our gauntlet of end-of-the-school-year events. We have 9 events in the next few weeks that require parents to be there, throw in a few family birthdays, birthday parties and 2 out of town trips and June is packed. It's almost all fun stuff and we are very excited for it but whew. I'm not sure how it's going to all fit together or, more importantly, how I'm going to maintain my work schedule this month. Party on.


  1. I'm so happy my husband got to make a few of these when the kids were young. He took time off work to do so and this was back when no work---no pay for us because he was still in construction. It was always Donuts for Dads. :)

  2. sounds very special--the dad/dot deal. But wow! Only two kiddos and there's that many events? I am amazed--good luck with it all--arrrrgh. Seems crazy, but you'll do just fine as always, I am sure... :) And then need a Big rest time!