Friday, June 3, 2011

The Sand Pit

Of all the great things about preschool, I think Mr. T will miss this sand pit the most. It's huge. There are tons of shovels and diggers and trucks in it. It has buried treasure. And best of all? There is a huge barrel of water and a pump that will pump it out at will for the kids. Sometimes they empty a huge rain barrel of water two or three times during a recess. They dig rivers and then dams and then rivers through the dams and then bigger dams. Mr. T skips the swings, the slides, the bikes and the play structure in favor of this area. Every day when I drop him off, I open the door to outside, give him a hug and a kiss and he runs to the sand pit. When I am early to pick him up and they are still outside, I peek out the window and he is always in the sand pit. Sometimes digging by himself, most often with a group of other kids and he is happy.

Today was my last day of parent-teaching for preschool ever. We spent most of the day outside and I got to watch him have a few more hours to play in his favorite sand box ever. I'm really going to miss this one.

This evening, Peter and I dropped the kids off at my parents for an overnight so we could go on a date. (I know this is completely not sand box related) but we went on a date. And I was kind of a shitty date. Depression does not make for a good dating companion, nor does someone who doesn't want to try anything new. After pushing Peter for years to plan a date, he did and then I changed everything up in the middle because I didn't want to try something new. I also felt uncomfortable walking around down-town which is very much unlike me. I don't know what is going on but I felt kind of bad for Peter -although he was super gracious about it of course which is simultaneously one of his best and most annoying character traits. Sorry babe. Next time will be better- I promise.

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