Friday, June 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Mr. T!

Before my in-laws left this morning, they posed for a few pictures in front of our house (see the over-grown monster bush that looks like it's about to attack Peter's grandma? Yeah. I've got some yard work to do). After a morning of work and party recovery, saying good-bye to some family and a brief rest time, we all convened at my parents house tonight for a dinner to celebrate our trip to Spain. There was an alberino wine tasting (yum!), tapas and a lovely Spanish dinner.

The kids ate before us and then got to watch a movie. Mr. T picked the kid's dinner (breakfast for dinner) and the movie (Rescue Heros THE MOVIE). We gifted him all the power because today is his birthday! That's right, 5 years ago today I was painfully sweating my way through labor, holding Peter's hand until I went from the mother of one to the mother of two. Tonight, when I put Mr. T to bed, I told him the story of his birth, the story of the day he was born. I do this with each of the kids on their birthdays, each year adding a few more details as is age appropriate. It's nice for me to remember those days of labor and the kids like to hear about how they came into the world. Seeing as this is his birthday, and this is a blog, I would be remiss if I didn't post a little note for him. However, honestly, these can be a little boring if they aren't for YOUR kid so feel free to skip along.

My dear Mr. T,
Today you are 5. You are also my baby. I'm sorry kiddo but that's the way it works. My youngest little duckling will always be my baby - no matter how old you are. Each night when I go in to check on you before I go to bed I wonder at where those legs came from. Seriously, where did they come from? For years you were the sweet chubby toddler and preschooler and then all of a sudden these - skinny long legs with knobby knees all banged up and bruised from your busy days. Your growing too fast darlin'. Too fast.

One thing that hasn't changed is your smile. Your infectious, bright-eyed, dimpled smile. Your face can make a room light up. My mom always says "he's all heart" and I tell Daddy that Mr. T is my heart and Miss E is my soul. You have an earnest, wide-open, innocent and infectious love of your family, the world and all that interests you. Your feelings get hurt easily but you are easy to forgive, to give a hug or tell a joke.

You entertain yourself better than ever now, art is starting to be more of your thing and the toys. My dear, you are the kid that toys were invented for. Before this year I really couldn't figure out the billions dollar toy industry but then you got older and fell in love with your toys. You can play for hours with the fire trucks and the bat cave and the jokers, narrating your stories to yourself (out loud) the entire time. The magnetic blocks build endless forts and your trucks and helicopters fly numerous rescue missions a day.

This summer you are going to summer camp at the elementary school with Miss E. Just like a big kid. Next fall, you will start kindergarten. Kindergarten! How the heck did that happen? Wasn't it just yesterday you were waking me up for the day at 5 and then screaming at me for an hour? Only a few days ago that I was cuddling with your soft soft chubby baby cheeks? I miss that baby and that toddler and that preschooler but I have to say, even though it's going too fast, I do love watching you grow up. Every once in awhile while you are playing or sleeping I will look at you and catch a tiny hint, a whisp of the man you will become. And then I get a little excited to know that man and have to remind myself that really, I want to savor every single moment on the road there. Babe, you bring sunshine and smiles and heart into my life and I wish you another great year.

Love, Mommy.


  1. well jeeeze--pass the kleenex...

  2. That’s a really sweet letter, Sarah. Someday he will read that and be embarrassed; then in twenty more years he will read it and get a bit weepy.

    Happy Birthday, Mr T, may your summer be full of happiness and your year crammed with adventure.