Thursday, June 23, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Peter and Mr. T's birthday's are three days apart. They also fall during the week of my nephew's birthday and Father's Day. It's a pretty busy week and for the last few years Peter has kind of been short-changed on Father's Day because I usually just don't have it together for all the celebrations. He, of course, is incredibly gracious about the whole thing. In fact, the year Mr. T was born, I did hardly anything for his birthday or Father's Day. Well, except bore his son, but you know, nothing big.

Since their birthdays are so close, we usually have a friend party for Mr. T and then a combined family birthday party for the two of them. This year we had both our families and some friends over for a birthday BBQ in our backyard. Our house is tiny, but the yard is big so we look forward to summer as the season we can host events.

So this afternoon, everyone came by, Peter BBQ'd ribs (his birthday tradition), we had a fire in the fire pit and the kids all ran wild in the yard and eating their weight in cheese and pirate's booty and grapes. It was maybe the best birthday party we've had yet. In the evening, my sister and her family spent the night with us for the first time. We don't really have a guest room (see aforementioned comment re: tiny house) and besides hosting events, having overnight guests is something I really miss. However, tonight they all scrunched in and stayed with us so we could hang out a bit longer, sitting around the fire, drinking our drinks and chatting after the kiddos went to bed.

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  1. Sounds lovely, Sarah. Everyone had fun, got fed and loved on and eventually hit the soft pillow with party-filled dreams.