Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Hair and other trivial things

Remember how I was talking about how my hair was driving me crazy? Well, I hit my breaking point and got it cut this morning. Really really cut. This is actually the shortest I have ever had my hair cut, it's so short that I can't even put it in a pony-tail which is my go-to method of hair control. Anyhoo....enough about my  hair.

I ended up taking both kids with me to the hair appointment which made me feel unreasonably accomplished. Two kids! In a hair salon for an hour! And they were good, really really good. They read books, did Lego's and I only had to resort to i-pod entertainment for the last 10 minutes.

Other than that, we just got ready for the birthday party tomorrow and started to plan for our camping trip next week.


  1. sophisticated--I did not even notice it was cut shorter than ever... sheesh!

  2. Cute hair! Please feel free to talk about hair all you want - then I won't feel like I'm the only one...

    I finally made an appointment for mine for next week - summer 'do, here I come!