Sunday, June 12, 2011

Mr. T's Birthday Party (take 1)

Mr. T's actual birthday isn't until the 24th but because of Peter's work schedule, father's day and our upcoming vacation we had his friend birthday party this morning. It is fitting this year, that his birthday is so spread out because he is SO EXCITED. I have never had a kid this excited for his birthday. And he's excited for all of it - the presents, the cake, the friends, the party - everything. We had his party at the Little Gym, where he and Miss E take classes. The girls running it did a really good job and Mr. T had a great time. He also had great manners - greeting people, blowing out candles, thanking kids for their presents. It felt really easy for me, which is kind of what the friend birthday party is supposed to feel like I think.

Since we are on what I have dubbed the EVENT WEEKEND, we of course had another event this afternoon and that was Miss E's end of year girl scout celebration. Oh my goodness, the girls are adorable and I can't say enough about their sweet leader. She has stuck with this through all her chemotherapy, let the girls ask her over and over again about why she wears a hat all the time and just really seems to have fun with them. I'm really looking forward to another year of girls scouts with her.

Miss E and I hit the library and then home for  quick dinner and bed for her. Then Peter and I ate the most heavenly meatballs ever (which if you know me at all you know they have to be good for me even to say something like that) and collapsed on the couch.

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