Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday Tid-bits

 Monday Tid-bits:

-The photo is of Mr. T and his friend playing this morning. You can see we've moved up a bit in the gun department. This one is automatic and so far Peter and I have used it the most to see who can get the entire clip of nerf darts to stick to the window. I'm winning.

- My hair is driving me crazy. I got an awful haircut around Christmas time and it just is not recovering. I'm thinking of cutting about 7 inches off just to kind of start over again.

-Peter is working 3 48's this week (with one day in between each) the end of which is culminating in a party at our house and then leaving for vacation. Also, no child care.

-There are about 5,000 recipes out there that I want to cook right now. I am squarely blaming (in this order) The Pioneer Woman, Martha Stewart, Joy the Baker and Annie's Eats

- I think one of our cats is sick. Or just really old. Or sick AND old. I can't tell which.

- What we're reading:
Me - The Great Gatsby - somehow I completely missed the point of this book in high school. So great to re-read now and actually get it. I'm also in the middle of reading (or listening to) The Help which I love so far.

Peter - I think he's reading Dr. Weil's 8 weeks to optimal health.

Miss E - 3 or 4 chapter books a day, usually the Ivy and Bean series, the Junie B. Jones series, Judy Moody books and a few Magic Treehouse sprinkled in

Mr. T - Umm...Batman comic books? This is not my favorite (obviously) but I'm going with it. I'm also reading him Chocolate Fever.

And that's about it. A nice quiet day after our busy weekend. Home with my kiddos.

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  1. Ha ha ha ha! Wait till I show this photo to my husband! Or am I going to get a big fat "I told you they'd have fun" look? Hmmm... I know what you mean about the hair driving you crazy - I haven't had mine cut in forever and it's the longest it's been in nearly ten years. So far I'm still in indecision land - your would look so cute short (but then I think it looks nice now, too!).