Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Shopping for Presents

Since our schedule is crazy for the next week and during most of that time Peter will be gone, I took Miss E shopping for her brother's birthday present tonight after work. We had such a good time! She was a great shopping buddy and Mr. T is super fun to shop for because he loves EVERYTHING and is going to be thrilled with his birthday presents. We hit three stores (with a dessert trip to Starbucks in between) and got all of Mr. T's presents from the family taken care of. Miss E and I can hardly wait to show him his presents. It's going to be a good birthday!


  1. I got excited going to Toys R Us also looking for his gift--seemed so darn silly--and there's sooooo many bzillions of things to choose from. That always does me in. First time we took our kids into one when we were in Eugene every one of us ended up furious and we left with nothing! Maggie 'n Pete were yelling and turned into monsters, Rand was frustrated 'n angry and me--it was all too much. Boy, that was some family meltdown amongst 4 wonderful people. Happily everyone outgrew it!