Monday, June 20, 2011

Some Days....

Some days you get home from work late and then immediately take your son on a "date". This time the "date" is really errands disguised as FUN! There are no pictures of said events because you left your camera at home. And your ipod. Which is all really OK, because your husband is taking your daughter to see the Judy Moody movie for their date and you kind of got the better end of that deal. Until you're at the toy store with your 4 year old who has the attention span of a fly and since you are on a "date" you have to let him lead the way and you become convinced that this might be it. You might really just die on Aisle 9 at Toys r Us. But you manage to get the present picked out and then decide to skip dinner and just get frozen yogurt instead. I mean, it's yogurt right?

At this point you meet up with husband and daughter and hear all about the movie (confirming that despite the near-death experience you still got the better end of the date) and still, not a camera in sight. After you all get home, the kiddos are in bed, husband is outside cursing at the rocket box, and it occurs to you, that no pictures have been taken for the day. And it kind of matters. I mean, the year of pictures is almost over. You've almost finished and finishing things, let's just say, is not your strong suit. So who comes through? Who is always there ready to pose? This lady. Woman's best friend indeed.

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  1. She’s a beauty, too. So calm, so laid-back, so photogenic.