Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day at the Fire Station

So, when you are married to a firefighter, holidays can be a bit trickier. For us, we end up celebrating them at the fire station quite often. I don't really mind it  (unless it's Christmas, don't even get me started on that one) because it's fun for the kids and usually easier for me. For Father's Day today we had my parents come to the station and the crew cooked us all breakfast. Yep, you read that right. The dad's on the crew cooked breakfast for us. Because that's how we roll on Father's Day. They did the dishes too. I offered to cook but Peter wouldn't hear of me cooking at the station. Apparently I just couldn't function in that gorgeous huge kitchen with everything in it's place and neatly labeled. No, I'm more of a crowded kitchen, hopefully the cheese grater is not in the dishwasher and where the heck are all the knives, type of cook. But I digress.

We met my parents there and sure enough, they got a call as soon as we all arrived. While they were gone I gave my parents a tour of the station (because THAT I can do) while the kids sat their lazy little butts in the lazy boys and watched cartoons. Ok, they bounced their little butts around in the lazy boys but you understand...

Once they got back we had a lovely breakfast and I gave them all heartfelt speeches about how much the men in my life mean to me*. I think I referred to Peter as the "bestest baby-daddy" in his father's day card. Being busy makes me a little silly. Seriously though, I am a lucky girl and my kids are lucky kids. It's hard to even know how to say how appreciative I am of all these great men in my life.  I snapped this picture of my Dad, Mr. T and Peter before we left and I just love it. My dad, the father of my children, and hopefully (if he chooses) the father of some grandchildren some day (and if my father-in-law had been in town he would be up there too). Aren't they cute?

*No. But that would have been nice wouldn't it? And maybe a little awkward with the whole crew sitting there.....

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  1. A terrific moment - good photo capture! Let's hear it for the great dads in our lives!