Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Powell's will make it all better

I neglected to mention yesterday, in the midst of all the trauma, that Mr. T started summer camp this week! This is a big deal because it is the first summer camp he has ever gone to by himself. No Miss E and it's not at his preschool. This is big-boy, don't know anyone else, 5 days straight summer camp. And so far, he's rocked it. He did great getting dropped off and both days has come home excited about what they are doing (Superhero camp!) and wanting to go back. He's met a few kids and I'm trying to get him to play with the one girl in the camp because she might be kind of lonely and Mr. T is a nice friend to have.

While he is at camp, this is kind of Peter and I's week of mornings with Miss E. Too bad the week started with a trip to the ER and stitches, but it will get better. She slept OK last night and hasn't had any more pain than ibuprofen can handle. The soft foods diet seems to be palatable but at the bookstore this morning she insisted that a chocolate chip cookie, if it was broken into really small pieces, counted as a "soft food". I agreed.

Which brings us to what our special thing was for today - a trip to Powell's books, only the biggest and bestest book store around. We don't go there very often because it's downtown and well, we live a bit of a ways from downtown, but it's so worth it when we do. She picked out four books and then one for Mr. T and one for me (I helped pick out that one). I love that she loves books so much. Our entire time there was spent perusing the shelves, looking over all the possibilities and lamenting that she could only get 4. On the way back to get Mr. T we stopped at the library to get the next few episodes of Little House on the Prairie and a book about the Oregon Trail. We have a lot of reading ahead of us!

(back posts are done through Country Fair and July 10 - almost all caught up for the end of my 365!)

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  1. "...and Mr. T is a nice friend to have." That is so lovely.