Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hiking with Nana

Miss E and I went hiking with my mom today. For a few years now, we (our family) have been trying to plan a winter trip where you cross country ski into a cabin and then spend a weekend skiing and snowshoeing from there. It's a bold move to contemplate this plan, which will involve a mile and a half ski in with four children under the age of 7, but we are going to do it some year. My vote is to do it when they are all old enough to ski in themselves but it may be sooner than that. Anyway.

My mom wants to hike in and look at the cabins in the summer before we commit ourselves, all 10 of us, to skiing in to cabins that we've never seen. So today, she and Miss E and I went up the mountain and hiked to find them. Our first surprise - surprise! - was that the paths we ski on in the winter, are actually ROADS in the summer. Roads with cars on them. Bummer. Then in the end, we didn't find the exact cabin but we have a pretty good idea now of what type of a ski-in we are looking at and what the cabins are like.

Miss E was a trooper on the hike. Not much complaining and she was pretty excited to be with Nana and I AND that we hiked by a meadow used as a resting place on the Oregon Trail! It's the little things you know?

Also, do you see the size of my mom's backpack? We hiked 3 miles total. ON ROADS. I will raise my right hand and swear, even though she didn't open her pack, that it had a full emergency food kit, fire starting kid, emergency blanket, extra layer of clothes, and an extra water bottle in it. I'm not kidding. That lady is prepared.

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  1. Prepared is the only way to go when you are a mom/grandmom/care provider; I have an amazing number of little goodies stashed about my purse/pack and person whenever we leave the house. I bet you do too !~!