Thursday, July 21, 2011


Here's what sisters do:

My sister called me about a week ago and asked if we could watch her dog this weekend. The conversation went something like this:

"Can you watch Sadie this weekend?"

"I don't think so, mom is watching our kids Saturday night and Peter and I were debating heading out of town. Plus, I'm not sure she'd love to be locked up in our little house with Ginger (our dog who is super social, Sadie is not)"

"Really? I'm sure she'd be fine, it's just that your place is much closer to where we are headed...."

"Sorry. We may be gone for the night. Try mom and ask her"

"I guess I will, it's just that mom's house is kind of out of our way..."

OK. Fast forward to today. 6 pm to be exact. I get a text from my sister "Can we drop Sadie off at your house and you can take her up to mom's?" So, I ignored the text because I didn't really want to. Even though Peter and I weren't going out of town, it's an extra half hour drive and I've watched her kiddos a lot lately.

Fast forward to 7:30 tonight. I am turing out the kids lights and she PULLS UP AT OUR HOUSE. She comes in with her kids and the dog and says (I swear to God....) "Hi! We were on our way and Uma (my niece) had to go potty, she just wasn't going to make it...." Meanwhile, Uma and Felix are going crazy with my kids who were super excited for a surprise visit from their cousins. Then she says "as long as I'm here, is it OK if I leave Sadie for you to take to mom and dad?"

Well played my sister, well played.

(This picture is of my nephew riling up the kiddos at bedtime. Thanks buddy. Also, did you notice the curtains in the background? We finally hung up our 20 foot long curtain rod - no joke - and now have curtains like real grown-ups.)


  1. The words going thru my mind are not appropriate for a family blog. Even the “rhymes with ...” is too dang obvious.

    As she’s coming in the door with the dog, I suspect it’s impossible at that point to say, No. That’s pushy, Sarah, I feel for you.

    wv = ingst the angst one of your very own family members can give you ?

  2. Peter gave me a look like "what the heck" but I just shrugged my shoulders. Only a sister could get away with something like that and it ended up being more funny than bothersome. It's just the way she is. And l always love seeing her kiddos even if it's for a short time.