Friday, July 22, 2011

Super Hero Camp

Did I mention that there were Rescue Hero's at Mr. T's super hero camp? He is so excited about this camp and while I am on the fence about the quality of the teaching and supervision (yikes!), Mr. T is happy, I mean they have a sand bin. What's not to love? Although really, the supervision leaves something to be desired. Fortunately, Mr. T is a kid who follows the rules and I know he won't run off on his own, if he was a kid like that, I'm not sure I'd feel good about leaving him at this camp.

This morning while Mr. T was at camp I watched a friend's daughter for him while he worked and she and Miss E played with Sadie (sister's dog) all morning. While Miss E has not been in the greatest mood lately - I think her mouth hurts a lot) she did have a good morning playing with her friend. That's about it. A general, basic summer day.

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