Thursday, July 28, 2011

This is happening

I may not be able to help myself from this whole blog thing, it's so much fun to take pictures and write about our family. Plus everything is whirring by so fast that it really does help me remember. Speaking of memory, remember awhile back when I posted a picture of pots I had planted for our front porch? Remember it was a nice close-in shot? The reason was that our front porch is in a dismal state of being. It is very very old and very very rotten so much so that when Peter was in Eugene seeing a concert, I hosed it off and actually hosed a hole in one of the boards. Not pressure washed, but hosed. I sent him a text that said "hi honey! hope youre having a good time! Just hosed a hole in our porch. : )" Because you know, I had to keep it real while he was off pretending to be footloose and fancy free.

Apparently that was the final nail in the proverbial coffin and here we are preparing to build a new porch. The very first step of any project at our house - before planning or materials or anything  - is a little bit of exploratory demolition. The lovely folks who owned this house before us were not super handy and tended to repair things in a cheap, odd and unconventional manner to say the least. So today, Peter took that first step by taking down the railing and the facia to see what exactly is under that front porch (an entire set of stairs with door mat!) and how it's all put together (an odd assortment of various sized screws, nails and brackets) and what we can salvage from it (hopefully the under supports).

I could not be more excited, this porch has been one of my least favorite (that we can fix) parts of our house. In a few weeks, it should be done!

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  1. Wow! I'm so glad none of you ever fell through it! Good thing you've a handyman at your side or there'd be fortunes made by others off of you! If I didn't have Rand for things I'd be hiring out right 'n left. So you'll have to be using the back door for awhile! Oh well. It will be worth it...