Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Legos and the end of the 365.

Miss E built this is Lego camp today -awesome huh?

Today is it. It marks one year since a random day in July when I sat down at the computer, hijacked my husband's blog (sorry honey!) and declared that I was going to take 1 picture a day for a year straight. And I did it! Sure the posts weren't always current, but still, every single day I took a picture (mostly of my darling kiddos) and recorded some (usually small) event in their lives. This year has seen our little family grow and change in so many ways. It has brought learning and travels and growth. It has also had it's struggles and sorrows but overall, this year? This random July 27-July 27? Will be remembered as one of the most blessed of my life.

Now to the future of this little blog. For the few of you who have been reading you've seen how hard it's been for me to keep up this summer. However I am still taking pictures every day and noting little things I want to record. For right now, I am going to make my first 365 into a photo book for our family, keep taking pictures and keep blogging. Probably not everyday, but probably frequently. At some point, possibly this fall, on some random day, I'll most likely decide to start a 365 again just because it really combines all my loves together - my family, record keeping, writing and photography.

Thanks to all who read this, I know it seems strange to share so much of yourself over the internet but honestly if it wasn't public I wouldn't write it at all. And yay me for finishing a project (said with fist pump while ignoring piles of half-done knitting, reading and home projects).


  1. This has been a marvelous way for us to keep us with our kid's/grandkid's lives 'n loves 'n friends, 'n jobs 'n feelings--all of life, well, "Some" of life combined! Thanks for doing it--you would always do well to write 'n document in photos because you are so darn good at it! We love it--AND YOU!

  2. Sarah, I have enjoyed learning about you and your family over the last months. I have a firefighter brother and your stories interest me. Spouse (OO) and I take care of littles during the week at our house with a few of the neighborhood kids so they have seen some of your pics too.

    May each step we take lead the way to peace.

  3. I love 365 projects - and yours has been excellent! Having spent time with you guys in preschool I'm glad for the chance to keep in touch - I hope you keep the posts and pictures coming! It's just too good to stop now!