Monday, August 22, 2011

Growing Up

 This picture was taken on July 20, 2005. Miss E is in the middle with her friend Ruby on the left and Stella on the right. We spent that summer, their moms and I, taking the babies to the park, walking around with them in strollers and carriers and having playdates at each other's houses. The play dates at that point were more for the moms than the girls but I think they enjoyed having some other babies to sit on a blanket and chew toys with. It was a summer of making new and much needed mom friends for me (we met through a birthing class and new mom's group at the hospital) and over time we have grown into friends - not just because of our children but because we really like each other.

This photo was taken on our camping trip this Saturday. Miss E in the middle, with Stella next to her and then Ruby. We have also added a few little brothers along the way. The girls are all going to be in first grade in a few weeks. I cannot believe how much they have grown, and how independent they are. Somehow they survived their mom's fretting about sleep and food and potty training and have grown into the smartest, sweetest, most delightful girls I can imagine. All three of them (and the little boys too!). We are blessed indeed.


  1. This is too too sweet. Thanks for putting those pictures together. I can't believe how long it has been since then, and how far we have all come. I am so happy to have met you, and to have grown so much together with you as we have become mothers.

  2. Ohhhh, it is sooooo good! And hopefully you'll be able to update this pic when they are older, then teens, then married... fun! I still am friends with my same moms 'n their kids, and now their kids. And so a good life goes on... I love your posts--and YOU!