Friday, August 19, 2011

New Feathers

I took Miss E to get her hair cut yesterday. Actually, before the hair cut the kids went to summer camp. After camp they told me that some older boys were picking on Mr. T and that Miss E stood up for him and told them to stop. We have been making a big deal of how the kids are to be kind and supportive to each other at school this year. Since they will be at the same school, with the same recess I don't want any fighting or picking on each other at school at all and they have been informed that there will be consequences for that. But yesterday, Miss E helped Mr. T out and I made a huge deal of how nice that was and how good it feels to have some one stand up for you and how bad it feels to be teased. And then we went out for frozen yogurt to further solidify the positive reinforcement.

While we were eating our yogurt I asked her how she wanted her hair cut, if she wanted to grow out her bangs, etc. She said short, yes and she wanted a new feather. A blue one.

Well as she was getting her hair cut our lovely and impossibly hip stylist (also named Sarah) suggested that in addition to the blue feather she could put in a green one. And add the pink in. And put in tinsel if we wanted. comfort zone was quickly zooming away. Then I turned into the fuddy-duddy mom who limited it to two colors, no tinsel. Although I'm not sure how fuddy-duddy I can call myself since my daughter now has teal and lime feathers in her hair.

Miss E is in love. With both the feathers and the stylist. She brushed her hair last night (no fighting) and again this morning (without being asked) and clipped her bangs back herself as I told her we would have to if we were going to grow them out. I think she looks adorable. She has such a cute face and the short bob style kind of perfectly suits her looks and personality.

On a side note - Peter has not seen this yet. I'm not sure what he's going to think but we kind of split the kids as in I take care of Miss E's hair and he handles Mr. T's, so it should be OK. Hopefully. We'll find out on Monday when we see him after our weekend of camping!


  1. That has got to be the one of the most adorable things I've ever seen. How cool!

  2. Thanks - she's really excited about it!