Thursday, August 18, 2011

What summer looks like

At our house it means:

Open doors and windows

2 orange cats lazing on the (mostly finished) front porch

2 half-dressed kids on the back deck

The hose

Iced coffees

Buckets of water

Forts set up on the deck

My gardening gloves and green bucket

Peter and I working on house projects

The Bat Cave and Green Lantern Planet being set up all over the yard.

Eating outside - and dishes scattered all over the yard

Green and shady with tree leaves rustling in the wind

Mowed lawns and weed pulling

Ginger laying in the sun on the back deck

Berries. Lots and lots of berries.

Every kind of imaginative game you can think of.

Unstructured time.
 Miss E in her fort on the deck with "tether baby"

 Eating outside

 Reading - there has been lots and lots of reading this summer. Including reading a lot out loud to Mr. T which is all kinds of awesome.

 Playing in the water

 Sitting on the new front porch before bed time

 Miss E copying everything Ginger does.

 Super Spider. This guy really deserves a post of his own. Every day we've been catching him fresh flies and moths to eat.

When I came home from work yesterday, Miss E was in the shed playing the guitar. Peter came up to me and said "Miss E has some skills on the guitar, she's just picking up the beat by ear." to which I replied "yeah, she pretty much has skills at anything she decides she wants to do". That girl is a ball of all kinds of talent and really the only thing that will ever stop her is her. 


  1. great post--great summer--great family!

  2. How much do those skinny shoulder blades make you melt??