Monday, August 29, 2011

Uma's birthday

I just can't leave things on a post like the last one. The family and I area heading out for a few days to celebrate these last lazy days of summer before our school/soccer /life schedule hits us head on. Don't get me wrong, I'm looking forward to that but we're going to take a few lazy days at the beach to properly say good-bye to summer.

After my whiney post yesterday, my sister broke her collarbone. Always the one to one-up me she is..... (totally kidding on that - I'd way rather have a whiny kid and sick kitty cat than a broken collarbone).

And my niece turned 4. The baby of our family turned 4! There were a lot of pink things and fairy things and pony things and brownies.


  1. ooooh, poooooor Honore! I am so sorry. I hope she has some good friends to help her. I'm anxious to hear how she did it--you can email me, and give her our condolences, please...

  2. Hope Sis feels better soon; broken bones can be painful and hard to remember that it hurts until you do something too strenuous. Careful for a month or two.

    Enjoy your last hurrah before school et al. overtakes your family.