Thursday, September 1, 2011


I've always been a bit socially awkward. Meeting new people, small talk with strangers, shallow acquaintances - none of those are really my thing. I'm not great at it but I'm also not bad. As I have aged, I have learned to own this part of my personality, to do the things I need to with grace and not just manage, but enjoy these niceties with people. Most of the time.

This morning, was the school "Meet and Greet" for the kids. This is where you go to school, meet your teacher and class mates and drop off your school supplies. I went with Mr. T and Peter was with Miss E. She was flipping out at the house a bit so they left early, Mr. T's stomach hurt (side note - the kid has not pooped in 2 years without crying and yes we've seen doctors but it SUCKS all around) and we ended up being late. Which was fine. I did this last year with Miss E, I know it's more of a social hour and there's no set agenda so it didn't matter that we were 15 minutes late.

However. All last year and this summer we have been talking about how Mr. T is going to be in Ms. Nguyen's class next year. She was Miss E's teacher last year and the only half day kindergarten teacher at the school. We know her, Mr. T knows her and at the end of the school year when I asked her if she would be back she said "yes, that's the plan". OK. Great. Ms. Nguyen it is. Mr. T is all ready to see her again as am I.

Then we arrive at the school, late, tired from getting home late from vacation yesterday, stressed (me) about Mr. T's medical issues and as we are walking in a smiling aide asks us if we are headed for the kindergartens and I say "yes, he's in Ms. Nguyen's class" and I am met with a "Oh, it's not Ms. Nguyen this year, there's a new teacher." OK, I think. I knew they did away with the afternoon kindergarten but I also knew that part time teaching positions are almost unheard of and was wondering what kind of shuffle happened.

Long story short, I am trying to be excited for Mr. T, we drop off his school supplies, head out on the playground and he introduces himself to his teacher then scampers off to play. I stand there like an idiot and as she greets me the FIRST THING I blurt out is "what happened to Ms. Nguyen?" and she very smiley and nicely explained that she moved to another elementary school to which I respond with "is this your first year teaching and what are you doing with your afternoon time"? SO RUDE. What I meant was, how long had she been teaching kindergarten and is she doing some sort of after care program or was the morning class her only class. Oh, and by the way WELCOME TO THE SCHOOL, WE'RE SO GLAD YOU'RE HERE. She continued to smile and be super charming and answered all my questions and I walked away feeling like an ass.

Sigh. First impressions are not my strong suit for sure, especially when I am tired and stressed and distracted. However she was just as nice and cute as a kindergarten teacher should be and she was not new and Mr. T loved her despite his belly hurting. Afterward I got to go down the hall to Miss E's classroom and meet her teacher who is the perfect mix of warm and calm and serious for Miss E. All in all it went great, I'm just going to have to do a little damage control with Mr. T's new teacher.

And he started soccer practice today which is a WHOLE other post but oh my the cuteness.


  1. Sarah, you are not alone when the social awkwardness issue comes up—i’d rather push kids on the swings AnyTime instead of making small talk with grown-ups that i barely know. Wonder how many more years I will be able to get away with this behavior !~?

  2. Sarah, I have always thought you were awesome from the first day of preschool. I always admired your friendly attitude and your awesome sense of style. I remember thinking, like a kid at elementary school, "Gee, I wonder if she'd like to be friends?" I'm glad to know you, and Mr. T's teacher will be too!