Friday, September 2, 2011

The Beach - Part 1

Earlier this week we spent 3 days at the beach as a family just enjoying the last trip of summer. I had planned this trip on my own and it was a surprise for Peter and the kids. They knew we were going somewhere but they didn't know where.  I intended for the trip to be easy, fun and relaxing (i.e., not camping or far distance or busy travel). I also have this thing about going to the beach (must be done at least once a year) and ever since we've had kids I insist on oceanfront accommodations, I think because for the past 6 years we've spent a good part of the time in the hotel room with a napping/early to bed kid and really, if you're at the beach you have to see the ocean. 

We tried out a new beach and a new place to stay and it was beautiful. The best beach area for kids we've been to and the weather was gorgeous. I split this into 2 posts because it's so picture heavy but I couldn't resist. It was so lovely all around. 

 First stop, lunch. Clam chowder at Mo's and Peter and Mr. T wanted their picture taken in front of this FDNY sign. (Side note - I have not told my kids about September 11 yet. I just can't bring myself to do it. It's so horrific and with Peter being a firefighter, I just can't. Last year I actually started to - in an age-appropriate way- and couldn't finish. Maybe this year.)

 Second stop, beach. Well check into condo and then beach. This right here is why this beach is so perfect. The actual surf is a bit farther out but these rivers and pools fill each high tide. The kids could play in this water to their hearts content without the danger that the Oregon surf poses.

 I'm reading a book ON THE BEACH with my kids. First time ever. Normally near the ocean we are hyper-vigilant and near the kids. I've lived in Oregon my entire life and have a healthy respect for our ocean. Sneaker waves are for real people. With this place, we were set so far back the kids were able to play a bit more and I was able to relax (a little).

 Building a sand castle.

 Miss E spent her own money on a mood ring this trip. It was the most adorable thing ever. She believes in their power to tell her mood so all weekend she would look at it and then tell me how she was feeling. It was just the sweetest thing to see her so excited about the power of the mood ring.

  After dinner tide-pooling. The first night we had a crazy negative tide (the next day would prove to be a crazy high tide) and so we were able to see rocks that weren't normally exposed. Miss E collected all kinds of shells and crab claws/legs she found on the beach and commenced to call that orange bucket her  "bucket of body parts". As in "Hey Mr. T, do you want to see my bucket of body parts?". We even brought it home with us after I lost the argument that it would stink up the van.

Mussels and barnacles.

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  1. Wonderful post! Wonderful pics! Wonderful family! I'm so glad you had a great time. Thanks for sharing...