Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Beach - Part 2

Seeing as we started school today, I should probably post the rest of last weeks beach pictures already. I can't say enough how lovely this trip was. Yes, there were a few tantrums and a few "moments" and Mr. T did wake up at 6:15 and immediately started calling for Miss E to wake up but overall, it was one of the best mini-vacations we've ever had.

 The second day was much more cloudy and overcast than the first - still warm but not sunny. We also had a crazy high tide that came up and over that little bridge leading down from the hotel. Mr. T and Miss E played and played in the sand though and this picture it the only photographic evidence we have of Mr. T's guy that he "catapulted and then buried" in the sand. He was not recovered.

 Miss E was thrilled with the water coming in so far. Normally I wouldn't let her stand on a drift log with the tide coming up around it but we were so far back from the actual surf that it was OK. That bridge was swamped over the bottom step on the highest waves. Our hotel room was on the bottom, second one in from the right. It worked great for quick clothing changes, bathroom breaks and snack re-fills.

Peter and Mr. T built a huge mountain of sand and then Mr. T had a great time throwing his body into it to knock it down. Boys.

 Sunset walk on the beach after the tide had receded.

 Miss E and I playing Bananagrams in the condo.

 On the last day we'd had enough lazing around so we went sightseeing on the way home. When we made our list at the beginning of the summer of all the things we wanted to do this summer, Miss E put "lighthouse" on it so we stopped at this one.

 She climbed all the way up with me. At the top they wouldn't let you go outside or into the light area so it was a little anti-climatic but she was happy anyway.

Last stop was the aquarium. Touch tanks, sharks, snakes and sea birds. Then home again home again jiggity jig.

Overall it was a great summer. The completed tasks on our list included:

Booby traps,
Sleep in a tent (I know, this is pretty much the same as camping but the kids were in charge of what went on the list)
Berry picking
Festival or carnival
Go to a farm
Go to the beach
Ride bikes
Play outside
Get pool out
Make berry desserts
Eat outside.

Done all around and that's a wrap on the summer.

(although truly, we are having our hottest weather of the year now, for the first week of school)


  1. What a full list that is !~! Glad you got to do it all. Onward into Autumn.

  2. Magnificent! Rarely do folks ever do everything on their fun lists--and you guys actually did it! wowowowowowowow! Loved the pics--love all of you!