Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Birthday List

Peter and Miss E on their way to a wedding last weekend.

Miss E's birthday is coming up this month and she has been diligently working on her birthday list. She doesn't want a party with friends or anything special on her birthday other than a picnic at the park but she does have a list that she has been carefully crafting for the last few weeks. It is so unusual and speaks so much to her personality that I had to share. 

Miss E's 7th Birthday list:

Lock for my bedroom door (I clarified she means lock from the inside, not the outside, she looked a little horrifed when I suggested that although I'd be lying if I said Peter and I hadn't ever considered it.)
Musical Card
Pot holder weaving kit
New games for my Leapster
Venus fly trap
Match box cars - specifically police car, fire engine and ambulance
Lego kits - Hillside house, Space alien, City Airport, City Train Station, Winter Village, Log Cabin
Smiley Face stickers
Magic 8 ball - the grumpy one
Whoopy cushion
Big swirly lollypop eraser
Science isperamint kits (her spelling)
More Captain Underpants books (
An American Flag
More Fudge books
More Magentic blocks
Some Ruby Lu books
More Nana takes the Reins books
A pillowcase for playing in
Some seeds to plant in the garden
Some more Ramona books
A Pogostick
An orange bell and horn for my bike
Some oil pastels
A white t-shirt that I can color on
Face painting sticks (also no)
Judy Moody Mood Journal
Judy Moody's Book of Fun Stuff to do

It is the most comprehensive adorable list and I am trying to refrain from getting her everything on it. With no party, there is a bigger budget for presents but we aren't going to get her all of it, as I think that sets a precedent that we don't want to. Also, and I'm pretty sure this takes us out of the running for parents of the year, but the van needs new tires so party money for the party she doesn't want is going to go to that. Please don't judge.

I am setting a few things aside for stocking stuffers, and tooth fairy gifts but really, how sweet (and random) is that list?


  1. Judge ?~! Only that you sound like your priorities are in correct order.

  2. Wow - I might just steal a few stocking-stuffer ideas from her list!! I love how specific kids are. I asked for a tree once - and got it!