Monday, October 3, 2011

Speaking of over-committed.....

Saturday we had two soccer games, and then the firefighter's union picnic. Miss E played in her game, which was an accomplishment in itself, and Mr. T scored his first goal in his. The Union picnic had bounce houses and you know what tires kids out? Soccer games followed by bounce houses. They both were asleep by 7:30 although Miss E felt the need to yell for about an hour previous to that. My migraine was not amused.

Sunday Peter took Miss E to watch the cross country races. It was rainy and cold but she is always up for adventure and they had french fries and hot chocolate and it seems to have gone well.  Mr. T stayed home with me, I was finally feeling good after saying good-bye to a 4 day long migraine and Mr. T, well, he's about as much of a home-body as me. He spend the entire day playing with Lego's and the Magnetic blocks (best toys ever). I cleaned this and that and did a few projects and mostly just enjoyed the upper half of my body feeling normal again.

This morning (Monday) I spent 2 hours at the school helping with vision testing, another 2 hours shelving books in the library and then went to work for another 5 hours. It was a long long day. Remember when I was saying I had over-committed myself at the school? Yeah, that's what I'm talking about. Fortunately, the vision things was a one-time thing and I am gracefully bowing out of the commitments that I can and things should no be so busy next month. But I am tired. And we have birthdays to plan, trips to figure out how to pay for, calendar things to schedule, and things to clean. Not to mention kids to read to and play with.

Overall though, we are plugging along. Everyone is getting more used to the schedule, the kids been on a much more even keel and things are just continuing on.

Random bit from the weekend: At the union picnic, at one point the bounce house fan stopped working and the house collapsed on itself. Mr. T was bouncing in it so I got up and started walking over just to make sure he was OK. I wasn't too worried as it was a pretty small bounce house and really, what better place to get trapped in one that at a picnic filled with firefighters, but I still wanted to check. Just as Miss E ran up to me freaking out because she thought Mr. T was trapped in there, he came popping out of nowhere and in his happy, excited voice slapped me a high 5 and said "I got out of there just in time! The roof almost fell on me!" Seriously. The kid is even excited when a building collapses on him. Future firefighter indeed.


  1. Lovely post on many levels--and loved the chuckle in the end--all's well that REALLY ends well!

  2. French fries and hot chocolate with dad on a rainy day is the best. :-) I love those little days where my husband takes one kid and I take another, and we get to just enjoy them one at a time. Even if all we do is play legos :-)

  3. I agree! That one on one time is the best.