Monday, October 24, 2011

Mr. T at the pumpkin patch

I have stuff to do....

there are soccer parties to plan and Miss E's birthday post to write (yes, I'm the mom of a 7 year old now!), and plants to plant and bills to pay and reading to practice and chemistry kits to put together and painting projects to be done and meals to plan and football things to brag about and friends to see and my photography class homework and the numerous school things I have somehow gotten myself into not to mention blog posts to write....


I have an eye infection. And that's pretty much stopped me. AN EYE INFECTION. It hurts like the dickens, as my grandfather would say.  It's actually hurt for 2 weeks ( I know....) and I ignored it, hoping  things would get better and they didn't. Until finally the inner voice in my head yelled - SARAH! It's your EYES! Your freaking EYES! Why are you messing around with what you know is an infection and HOPING it gets better? In your EYES?! - Yes, my inner voice yells sometimes but really, what was I thinking? Eyes are kind of important you know. So today I headed to the eye doctor and you know what? It turns out that you can't go years of changing your contacts without washing your hands or cleaning the containers, or trying to save money by wearing your month-long contacts for 3 months or having a glasses prescription that is so old it's at least one or two prescriptions behind your contacts so you never really wear them, without something getting infected. Who knew?

This is kind of the story of your mid-30's - a bunch of various medical professionals telling you that your body actually CAN'T absorb the sort of abuse you heaped on it in your 20's. Flossing? Exercising? Changing your contacts? Eating vegetables? Getting enough sleep? Turns out you actually have to do those things.

My formal punishment is 3x daily antibiotic drops, new glasses, and pain for the next few days. I am sincerely hoping to not have to repeat this little life lesson.


  1. Hope you feel better soon; I look forward to b-day post among others. Do take good care though, Sarah.

  2. I am sooo sorry--but also sooo glad you went to doc and are getting it taken care of! It sure wasn't anything we could see--as last weekend you looked as beautiful as always. But ugh! Well, you'll just deal with it and keep on with that list of life that makes me tired, just reading! I've got my own list of things--it's a wonderful thing to have tho--for I know some who have nothing in their sad lives--and that's awful 'n pathetically pitiful. So hang in there--and love that face/bod of yours as the rest of us 'n your family does!

  3. I'm so sorry! Eye infections are the worst =(