Friday, October 21, 2011

Winner winner chicken dinner

I've been taking this photography class one night a week that's been pretty good overall. I don't necessarily like the teacher as a person but he is a good teacher so I am sticking with and enjoying the class.  (hello maturity - where were you in college?)

We've been practicing photographing movement and while I had very little time to do the assignment, the wrong lens on my camera and several settings adjusted wrong, I ended up somehow with this picture which I liked very much. He liked it to apparently even though (as he put it) "most of the good components were by happy accident" - you gotta love a back handed compliment/insult. But I felt really good about it because I know that I'm a better photographer than he thinks I am. And I really like this picture of Miss E in all it's blurry disarray.


  1. Nothing wrong with Happy Accidents, are there? They worked for Bob Ross, anyway...

  2. totally cool--and the subject is beautiful as she cavorts 'n runs like the wind! Great job--wouldn't it be wonderful on a canvas?